my ex girlfriend text me happy birthday why?should i reply?

by admin on December 5, 2012

ok my ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago on my bday which was last friday. we avent contacted since. she wanted to meet in person and was very upset about the break up was thehardest thing shed done and felt we didnt connect anymore like we used to since the exams started and she felt confused. she didnt want it to be completely over and to be friends because we had a lot in common and she cared about me. so i respected her took it well and didnt contact her to give her space as i felt she rushed the decision. anyways hole time shes been avoiding me signing in msn then straight off i was on but yet she also got a new boyfriend like a week after teh breakup which upset me abit and shocked me it was so soon.since she was so upset. she also put pics of us up together on bebo after teh breakup not sure if there still up.thing is she text me on my bday 3 weeks after and no contact since saying um..just wanna wish you happy bday and hope your exam went well.why?i avent replied and it got me thinking about her again.should i reply?she is also going away for a month at the start of july. since she has texted me im starting to miss her a lot more and because she is going away for long soon.she also stayed on msn for the first time yestday but we didnt talk.what should i do. i have been hanging out and meeting new girls should be on a date this saturday.the girls ive meet just keep reminding of my ex and how much better/happier i was with her.what should i do?i was thinking about texting my ex before she goes and say thanks for the bday and wanted to say bye before you go.?shud i?is there a chance she is missing me?i dont want it to be completely over between us nd wud rather have her as a friend than not at all.soz this so long

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dette December 5, 2012 at 8:35 am

you should thank her for remembering your b-day. but don’t expect
anything in return

ladynecta December 5, 2012 at 8:35 am

No harm in texting back a simple friendly message like you have suggested. That is what she has done to you on your birthday, so she shouldn’t take it as any sort of pressure. If you don’t communicate at all a friendship won’t happen. If you do start some texting/msn messages then if she is missing you, you will be able to tell. Please don’t get your hopes up about getting back with her, better to think of her as a friend now and see what happens in the future. Good luck!

Kaily December 5, 2012 at 8:35 am

I think she’s not over u yet but don’t do anything to get her bf mad just say thanks and we will miss u

johnlucas31320 December 5, 2012 at 8:35 am

OK. So she broke up with YOU. Not you breaking up with HER.
There was a new boyfriend in the picture within a WEEK of the breakup…officially anyway.
(Speculation suggests this new relationship precedes the breakup)

And you’re still asking if you should reply to an EX-girlfriend’s silly Happy Birthday message?????

I got a question for you.
When are you gonna stop acting like a dadburn fool??

Listen gio gio gio, your name is Nintendo & this girl is playing you for the high score.
Unplug the system & force her controller not to work.

This girl is YOUR PAST, not YOUR PRESENT.
Live in the PRESENT.

IGNORE the message, DELETE this girl from your contacts, & FIND a NEW GIRL.

There are well over 3 million of them out there. Overpopulation serves the mating game well.
Getting stuck on one girl is for fools.

John Lucas

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