Should I ignore my ex girlfriends text even know where still friends?

by admin on March 2, 2013

Me and my girlfriend broke up about 2 weeks ago, we are still friends, but I want to get back together because she has a baby I care deeply about even know it is not my child. I explained that I will be their more for them but she is not understanding she has lot of trust issues with her pass relationships…. what should I do ignore her text and fb messages to make her realize what she throwing away? and what a good way to make her realize?

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√erα Prιɴcιpeςα March 2, 2013 at 8:35 am

If you love and care about her.. please, don’t ignore her.. it hurts a lot when someone you once cared deeply about, does that to you..

You said she has trust issues.. so just try to take things slowly.. go visit her every once in a while.. help her out.. just be there for her.. if you care about her, you wouldn’t want to do anything that will make her feel bad.. you are hurt as well, probably.. but still.. don’t let her go, she needs you.. although she won’t say it.. she just needs time.. and she needs to be sure that you’ll be there for her to get over her trust issues.. just don’t give up on her..

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