Why my ex girlfriend just doesn't want me text her anymore?

by admin on April 28, 2013

We’ve been togethier since July 14,2012..shes was amazing,funny,kind…shes like everything to me..we’ve been very close..till last March..just came back home and found horrible messages from her mom..sayin ..can’t talk to her anymore..and so we haven’t talk forever..Till last two weeks ago..she asked me if was true that i used her with other girl.or always lie.and told her everything about that everything was lie..And weeks past..she finally txt me..sayin she was very sorry that everything was her fault..that she was retarded and loser and told her that wasnt true..I comforted her to make her feel better and she wanted start talk to me again…and so we started talkin.On last Saturday she argued on text saying that everyone hates her because shes loser,alone and ugly..and other stuff..Told her that shes always special,kind,everything..and She said "The only person who always there for me, who always make me smile ,accepts me the way I am and who always loves me was you…thank you..really appreciated..I love you" And we gave our pixel hugs..Told her that always love her and she saids I know I love you to" And we still talking eachother like old times..sometimes she calls me bro..which I don’t put in mind..and so talked to my friend about her and he said that we should be togethier..and told him that I wasn’t sure about that..because was afriad if she wants me as friend…and so we still talkin as like the old times..till on last friday..she talks about herself eatin pizza on instagram..and asked where could see her pic..and shes like "Thought you didn’t have instagram" Im like "Not anymore" And shes asked me if my parents still checkin my stuff on computer and told her they didnt, but they take away my stuff and so..we stopped talkin..till Saturday mouring ..she told me not text her anymore for good.. so last thing said to her was Im nothing complete loser and that Im the people who has emptiness in their hearts ,that she should move on, forget about past and myself..she should forget that always make her smile.that she should move on and have nice life and That was it. After that….ended up killin myself..always blame myself..to make her hating me..I tried move on and stuff..but nothin help..tried not look her messages because..it’ll get worse and pretty sure that she doesnt reply because she hates me..what should I do..couldnt take it I always still love her..should move on or getting her back togethier?..I just hate myself..because I lost her..

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